Sportscar GTS for Nascar Heat

ISI's Sportscar GT game was a milestone in the making of sportscar simulation games. It only offered poor multiplaying capabilities, average physics and (now) out-of-date graphics - but was still big fun to run

Basic idea for making this mod was getting back Sportscar GT's awesome cars and look&feel back to the desktop - in a mod for free Nascar Heat game engine, and in updated quality to feature modern PC's graphics abilities and NHeat's superior physics and multiplayer capabilities.

Why NASCAR Heat ? The game engine is for free and there's good reason to use NASCAR Heat

Sportscar GTS

To avoid any misunderstandings: No content from original SCGT game has been taken to make this mod ! The cars, car paints and screens in the mod have all been made from scratch; the cars' engine sounds have been taken from SCGT sound lib and reengineered for use in this mod

  • The mod features 3 GT3 car types: BMW M3 E36, Porsche 911 RSR, Saleen Mustang
  • 4 GT2 car types: BMW M3 GTR, Porsche 911 GT2, Saleen Mustang, Vector M12
  • 4 GT1 car types: McLaren F1 GTR, Porsche 911 GT1, Lister Storm GTL, Lotus Elise GT1

  • All cars have individual physics, engine sounds and detailed cockpits, which are - opposite to original SCGT game - fully functional
  • The mod provides explicit high and low res LOD modelling for optimum performance even on not-that-fast PCs

The mod is intended to be run in HARDCORE mode ! The basic aim on physics was to get as much realism as possible, but get equally competitive cars (for each class) for online racing. So no matter what car you chose to run from that mod, it will offer sufficient performance to beat your opponents - if you are able to ;)

Download mod

The mod needs to have at least 65MB free discspace.

GCSC download Sportscar GTS mod V2.0 (57MB)
download Multilayer Car Paint Templates (15MB)
download WMF Mod Promo Video (18MB)

To run the mod you need to have installed Nascar Heat + patch Version 1.80.
If you don't have a Nascar Heat copy, get The Mod Squad's Heat Essentials Package, which is legally for free.