Speedsims' mods for NASCAR Heat game engine
We have some of the best and most sophisticated sportscar mods out there for NASCAR Heat game engine. Mods that offer great sim racing experience and online capability from very high powered 1970s prototype sportscars over 1988s GroupC/GTP cars and 1997 1997 GT touring cars up to 2010 Shelby single seater sportscars

Sportscar Prototypes 1970 Shelby CanAm
Sportscar GTS GroupC
Along with that, our download archive hosts almost all available road track mods for NASCAR Heat engine.
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Nascar Heat ?! WTF... ?

You may have stumbled upon this site by noticing some nice looking sim racing mods. And now by checking out you're starting to ask yourself why those guys have made these mods for NASCAR Heat - which is an oval racing simulation game from 2000/2001 !!

One reason is: since quite a while NASCAR Heat game engine is legally available for free

And other than it's name indicates, the game engine isn't just good for driving in ovals. Over the years there has been quite some development on road racing tracks and mods for a big NASCAR Heat. Even classic tracks like Nordschleife and LeMans are available, along with a wide variety of racing car mods, from single seater formula cars over sportscars to dirt racing. There is even a motorboat and a batmobile mod out there.

If you are interested to learn more about the history of free NASCAR Heat sim racing game engine you might be interested to read the following Heat ezine issues

A look back at 10 years NASCAR Heat

2012 Issue

And in case you are now interested to learn why we decided to make our mods for NASCAR Heat, here's the reasoning: read more...

Speedsims' modding tutorial for NASCAR Heat game engine
We provide a big and most detailed step-by-step modding tutorial for NASCAR Heat game engine for making car sets.
The tutorial covers these topics:

  • NHeat's File Structure
  • 3D basics
  • Importing Cars to Heat
  • Mapping Textures to 3D
  • Car Paints
  • Cockpit/Dummy Helpers
  • Brakelights
  • Tires
  • Physics
  • Sounds
  • User Interface
  • LOD modeling
  • Damage modeling
  • Pit crew
  • Victory scene
  • Car Shadow
  • Championship Mode
  • Mod specific AI
  • Mod Video/Splash Screen