Shelby Can-Am for Nascar Heat

The Shelby Can-Am was originally designed and built by Carroll Shelby to be run in the Can-Am series, but it became popular in other places as well. In 2008 those cars run in South African Can-Am series got a new locally developed and manufactored lightweight fibreglass body and Nissan 3.5 litre V6 engines.

The cars are run in the fastest single-seater class in South Africa

Since several drivers in this series are simracers as well, trying to bring the Shelby Can-Am to simracing was an obvious idea. And provided not the least testing and consulting support from 2009 champion Darryn Lobb. Furthermore the car's body designer Greg Bailey supported the making of this mod by providing his original 3D CAD data for blueprint.

The resulting mod is as close to the real thing as we were able to make it. And according to Darryn's feedback, we got it really close...


  • Completely new-designed UI
  • 22 paints from 2009 series
  • 20 paints from 2010 series
  • Explicit high and low res LOD modelling for optimum performance
  • Single-Player championship mode AI

The mod is intended to be run in HARDCORE mode !


The mod needs to have at least 65MB free discspace.

SCA download Shelby Can-Am mod V1.10 (46MB)
download Update to V1.10 (unpack to mod folder) (17MB)
download Multilayer Car Paint Template (9MB)
download Championship Trackpack (100MB)

To run the mod you need to have installed Nascar Heat + patch Version 1.80.
If you don't have a Nascar Heat copy, get The Mod Squad's Heat Essentials Package, which is legally for free.