Modding NHeat - Splash Screen

On starting a mod, NHeat displays a "splash screen" - actually the file SPL_SCR, which simply is a 510x385 BMP image

To have a mod specific splash screen show up, for example resize some some nice mod screen background to 510x385, add a title/banner line to it and save it all as BMP file. Then rename that BMP file to SPL_SCR (without BMP suffix !) and copy it to your mod's main folder

Sportscar GTS mod's splash screen

Modding NHeat - Intro Video

NHeat allows for adding an intro video to a mod. This has to have BIK format and has to be named intro.bik

  • For converting any common video file file to BIK format, RAD Video Tools are required. Since the current version of these tools is somewhat less ancient than NHeat ;-), you may have to look for a more recent version of bink32.dll (in NHeat's run/data folder) to get intro.bik play sound.

  • Some recommended tool to get ingame video shots is Fraps. The free test version of Fraps probably won't save sound to your video shots

  • Additionally you'll need to use some video editing tool such as Windows Movie Maker (comes shipped with XP Home) to make a nice intro.

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