Setup a dedicated server

First thing to do is to add some lines to options.cfg to [MULTI] section:

ded_aicars 0
ded_auto_drive yes
ded_flags 0
ded_iroc no
ded_one_race_only no
ded_opponent_custom_strength 85
ded_opponent_strength 4
ded_qualify no
ded_race_type 1
ded_realism 2
ded_srv_cfg_string DOIT command word that you'll have to start any command with
ded_srv_force_fat_bad_idea yes do your want to run the server in thick or thin mode ?
ded_srv_kick_cmd KICK
ded_srv_max_users 18
ded_srv_name_32 SERVERNAME server name that will show up in game search screen
ded_srv_passwd_16 PASSWORD set a password here if you want to restrict who joins in
ded_standing_start yes
ded_track Monza_T
ded_wear 1.000000

Create a shortcut next, which has target line

  • "c:\program files\Hasbro Interactive\Nascar Heat\NHeat.exe" -mod:groupc -dedicatedserver -noautoplay
if for example you'd like to run a GroupC mod dedicated server. By double-clicking that shortcut, you'll start the server. Don't be surprised: there'll only be a DOS window coming up.

Server control commands can both be entered in that DOS window on command line or on multiplayer chat screen, once you have logged in to the server from another PC.

Dedicated Server command strings

Assuming the server admin control word is DOIT like in the example above:

  • DOIT length: Set race length (eg 3%, 5%, 10%, etc.)
  • DOIT track: Set track (eg Daytona, Nurburgring_T, Limerock04, etc.)
  • DOIT qualify: Enable qualify Round (no or yes)
  • DOIT wear: Set wear multiplier (eg 1, 2, 4, 5 or 6)
  • DOIT autodrive: Set auto-drive (no or yes)
  • DOIT realism: Set realism (eg Normal, Expert)
  • DOIT rules: Set pit speed rules (eg None, Black)
  • DOIT time: Set race time (day or Night)
  • DOIT skill: Set AI skill (eg Pro)
  • DOIT custom: Set custom strength (eg 102)
  • DOIT identical: All cars use same setup (no or yes)
  • DOIT ai: Set AI car count (eg 10)

  • DOIT end: End race
  • DOIT restart: Restart race
  • DOIT cancel: Cancel track selection
  • DOIT close: Close Entry
  • DOIT obsolescent: will close automatically in 10s
  • KICK flush: Kick user USER